CE Marking, CE Certification, EU approval and the CE Mark for American Boats and Jetski's.


American Sports Boats Ltd provide a complete service (or any part of it) for importers or exporters of all American Boats, worldwide.

Boat transport and shipping. US to Europe.

Do you need the CE mark for your boat? Notified Body Boat CE Certification throughout Europe, USA, Caribbean and French Polynesia.

  • Shipping to Europe (Boats, cars, trucks, Airstream)
  • US Transport
  • Import / Export
  • We have inspectors in Europe, USA and Caribbean.
  • Sound testing in Europe, USA and Caribbean
  • We can meet and CE Mark your boat in European ports
  • Whether your boat is already in Europe or not yet shipped we can help.
  • If you have already arranged shipping we are happy to complete certification.
  • Road transport within Europe.

Since the UK vote to leave the EU the pound has fallen significantly in relation to the Euro and the Dollar. This means boats in UK are very economical for buyers in the rest of Europe. American Sports Boats can help with sourcing, purchase and transport of UK boats to Europe. Contact us for details.

Do you need the Boat CE Mark for your imported craft? American Sports Boats Ltd offer best prices and best service. We have agents in the US, FWI and Europe. Certification and shipping for all types of boat. Bowrider, Centre Console, Walkaround, Cruisers, Trawlers, PWC (Jet Ski) any Fishing or Sport Boat. If you are not sure of the CE Marking requirements for your country contact us for no obligation chat. 

American Sports Boats Ltd and our inspectors are approved by EU Notified Bodies to carry out "post construction assessment" and CE marking on all imported boats meeting the requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive 2013/53/EU whether they be sports boats, cruisers, fishing boats, trawlers.  The associated CE Mark is proof that your American Boat complies with the directive. We have agents in Europe and the USA and offer a very competitive price and service, we travel anywhere at very reasonable rates, whether you import or export to Europe call us we can help CE your boat. The new EU Directive 2013/53/EU will apply as of 18 January 2016, with exhaust emission limits further reduced.

NOTE** as of 17th January 2017 only the new recreational craft directive 2013/53/EU can be used.  This will have a significant effect on older boats meaning certification is no longer possible without engine change, however, in some cases there are exceptions. If you a re buying a boat contact us for details prior to purchase.

WARNING!! It has been brought to our attention that a number of our competitors are using our company name "American Sports Boats" on their websites, whilst we are flattered at the attention clients should be aware there are only 3 websites associated with us. , and any other site is not linked with us and should be treated with caution.

We have dealers in Europe looing for good quality used boats from US or already in Europe. Let us know if your boat is for sale. American Sports Boats Ltd are not brokers or dealers, we will pass your details to interested parties.

We have inspectors in US, and Europe, if you need certification anywhere let us know.

**The new recreational craft directive 2013/53/EU repealing directive 94/25/EC came into force 18th January 2016 replacing 94/25/EC as amended by 2003/44/EC. The new directive is available here**

Below is a list of some of the boats we have completed certification

In most cases there have been several of each craft, and there are many others not listed, please ask if yours is not here. List compiled in February 2016, many added since then.

Acham 1130 Pêche
Alberg 30
Albin 28 Tournament
Alumacraft 175 Competitor
Aquasport 275
Aquasport 275 Explorer
Avalon 27 Excalibur
Axis 20
Azimut 40S
Baha Cruisers 270 King Cat
Baja 232
Baja 272
Baja Boss 302
Baja Hammer 21
Bass Tracker Pro Team 175 TX
Bayliner 160
Bayliner 1702
Bayliner 175
Bayliner 185
Bayliner 1950
Bayliner 1952
Bayliner 212
Bayliner 215
Bayliner 219
Bayliner 2252
Bayliner 2355
Bayliner 245
Bayliner 2452
Bayliner 2455
Bayliner 265
Bayliner 2655
Bayliner 285
Bayliner 2850
Bayliner 2855
Bayliner 2958
Bayliner 335
Bayliner Trophy 2002WA
Boston Whaler 180 Dauntless
Boston Whaler 220 Outrage
Boston Whaler 235 Conquest
Boston Whaler 240 Outrage
Boston Whaler 270
Boston Whaler 270 Outrage
Boston Whaler 28 Conquest
Boston Whaler 370 Outrage
Boston Whaler Dauntless 18
Boston Whaler Outrage 21
Boston Whaler Outrage 26
Boston Whaler Outrage 28
Caravelle Razor 247 UU
Carolina 238 DLV
Carver 57 Voyager
Carver Yachts 38SS
Catamaran Open 31
Century 1801
Chaparral 190 Ssi
Chaparral 200 LE
Chaparral 2335
Chaparral 235 Ssi
Chaparral 240 Signature
Chaparral 256 SSI
Chaparral 260 Signature
Chaparral 265 Ssi
Chaparral 285 Ssi
Chaparral 290 Signature
Chaparral 300 Signature
Chris Craft 28 Corsair
Chris Craft 28 Launch
Chris Craft Launch 28
Cobalt 250
Cobalt 262
Cobalt 292
Cobalt 302
Cobra 13.0
Contender 21 Open
Correct Craft - Ski Nautique 200CB
Coverline 640 Cabin
Crownline 236 SC
Crownline 240 EX
Crownline 250 CR
Crownline 270
Donzi 28 ZX
Donzi 33 Daytona
Doral 310 SE
Edgewater 245 CC
Eliminator Daytona 36
Evolution 265
Formula F27 PC
Fountain 31 Sports Cruiser
Fountain Pajot Maryland
Four Winns 245 Sundowner
Four Winns 248 Vista
Four Winns 255 Sundowner
Four Winns 265 Sundowner
Four Winns 268 Vista
Four Winns 328 Vista
Four Winns Horizon 230
Four Winns Vista 248
Four Winns Vista 348
G3 1860
G3 DLX 1860
Glacier Bay 2665
Glastron GS249
Glastron GS279
Glastron SSV175
Glastron SX175
Grady White 180 Sportsman
Grady White 226 Seafarer
Halmatic Pacific 22
Horizon 190
Hunter 49
Hydra Sport 23 Walkaround
Hydra Sports 23 Bay Bolt
Hydrasports 2900 CC
Hydra-Sports 2900 VX
Intrepid 31 Walkaround 1999
Jupiter 27
Kawasaki Ultra 250 X
Kawasaki Ultra 260
Kawasaki Ultra 300
Larson 254 Cabrio
Larson 274
Luhrs 30 Open
Lund 1600 Explorer
Magnum 56
Mako 171 CC
Mako 253
Mako 264 Express
Malibu 23 LSV
Malibu 23 Wakesetter
Malibu V Ride
Malibu Wakesetter VLX
Mariah 23 SC
Marine Trader 33
Mastercraft NXT
Mastercraft X Star
Mastercraft Xstar
Maxum 1800 MX
Maxum 1800 SR
Maxum 2100SC
Maxum 2300
Maxum 2300 SC
Maxum 2400 SCR
Maxum 250
Maxum 2800 SCR
Maxum 2900
Maxum 3700 SCR 

Meridian 391

Monterey Montura 235
Monterey 234FS
Monterey 248LS-CU
Monterey 250
Monterey 268 SS
Monterey 282
Monterey 302
Moomba Mobius LSV 21
Nautique 200 

Nautique all models

Nitro Z6
Proline 20 Walk
Proline 23 Express
Pro-Line 25 Sport
Pursuit 3070
Regal 1900 LSR
Regal 1950
Regal 2150 LSC
Regal 242 Commodore
Regal 2450
Regal 2465
Regal 2500
Regal 2565
Regal 2665
Regal 322
Regal 3260 Commodore
Regal 3560
RIB20 Cat
Rinker 265
Rinker 270 Fiesta V
Rinker 282 Captiva
Rinker 342
Rinker 342 Fiesta V
Rinker Captiva 232
Rinker Captiva 242
Rinker Captiva 246 CC
Rinker Festiva 212
Rosborough RF 246 Sedan Diesel
Sail Catamaran
Sea Boss 190CC
Sea Doo GTX limited 260
Sea Fox 236WA
Sea Hunt Ultra 211
Sea Ray 175 Sport
Sea Ray 185 Sport
Sea Ray 190 Sport
Sea Ray 195
Sea Ray 200 Select
Sea Ray 200 Sport
Sea Ray 210 Signature
Sea Ray 230 Fission
Sea Ray 245 Weekender
Sea Ray 250 SLX
Sea Ray 250 Sundancer
Sea Ray 260 Signature
Sea Ray 260 Sundancer
Sea Ray 270 DA
Sea Ray 270 Sundancer
Sea Ray 270 Sundeck
Sea Ray 280 DA
Sea Ray 290 Sundancer
Sea ray 310 Sundancer
Sea Ray 350 Sundancer
Sea Ray 410 Sundancer
Sea Ray 450 Sundancer
Sea Ray 460
Sea Ray 460 Sundancer
Sea Ray 540 Sundancer
Sea Ray Sundancer
Sea Ray Sundancer 240
Sea Sprite 270
Sea Swirl 2101 WA
Sea Swirl 2300 WA
Seadoo 180SP
Seadoo 200 Speedster
Seadoo 230 Challenger
Seadoo 430 Wake
Seadoo GTR 215
Seadoo Islandia
Seadoo RXPX 260
Seadoo RXT 260
Seadoo RXTX 260
Seadoo SP 210
Seamaster 2888 Walkaround
SeaRay 340 Sundancer
Seasport 284SF
Seaswirl 2150 Striper
Seaswirl 250
Seminole 36
Sepia Sail Catamaran
Shamrock 246 Open
Ski Nautique 200CB
Sonic 41
Stamas 310 Express
Stancraft Deluxe Tender 32 Lowboy
Stingray 181FS
Stingray 190 LS
Stingray 192 RX
Stingray 195LX
Stingray 200
Stingray 200 CS
Stingray 240CS
Stream X
Sun Tracker Party Barge 22
Sundancer 240
Sundancer 30
Super Air Nautique 220
Super Air Nautique 230
Tahoe Q5
Top Gun Marine, Type Seminole 36
Torpedo 14
Tracker Grand Tahoe 25
Tracker Marine Fisher Avenger 14
Tracker Pro Guide V175
Triton 177
Triton Summit 220 Platinum
Triton Tr-186
Trophy 1952 WA
Trophy 2052WA
Trophy 2503 CC
Trophy 2902 Pro
Typhoon 12
Wake Pro 215
Wellcraft 186 ss
Wellcraft 210 Sportsman
Wellcraft 22 WA
Wellcraft 232 Eclipse
Wellcraft 236SC
Wellcraft 240 CCF
Wellcraft 2600 Martinique
Wellcraft 290
Wellcraft Scarab 29
Wellcraft Scarab 34
Wellcraft Scarab 38KV
Wildcat "Sirenita"
Yamaha 212 SS
Yamaha 230 SX
Yamaha 242 Ltd
Yamaha AR210
Yamaha AR230
Yamaha AR240
Yamaha SX 210
Yamaha SX 230
Yamaha SX230
Yamaha Waverunner FX Cruiser SVHO
Yamaha Waverunner VX Cruiser
Yamaha Waverunner VXR Cruiser
Zodiac Pro 12

There are a huge number of people importing boats from the USA and saving money or finding that boat you just cant get in Europe. Almost all these boats, there are very few exceptions, will require the CE Certification. This is a legal requirement in all EU member states and EEA countries. Since January 1st 2006 it has been a legal requirement to have Certification issued by a notified body. CE marking is required before the boat is put into service or offered for sale, either privately or trade. Remember if a qualifying boat doesn't have the CE mark and CE Certification to go with it, it is illegal to use or advertise for sale. Some European countries police the recreational craft directive (RCD) more strictly than others, but even so, the penalties can be severe for using a boat not correctly certified.

Each boat must be physically inspected, and a report compiled outlining the standards used. Motor(s) are also assessed and must be compliant with the recreational craft directive. This may sound frightening but in reality it can be a fairly straightforward exercise. On completion a new CIN (craft identification number) is issued along with the CE Mark and certification.

If you are in doubt or require specific information about your boat, or about a boat you are buying please call, there is a very good chance we will have assessed a similar boat and can advise what work is likely to be required, we do not charge for this service.  Usually modifications will include but not be limited to the following:-

  • Extra manually operated or portable bilge pump
  • Battery master switch
  • An automatic fire extinguisher in the engine area
  • Portable fire extinguisher
  • The fuel filler should be labelled "petrol" in the UK or equivalent elsewhere.
  • Non return valves to bilge pump discharge
  • Labelling to indicate other safety aspects.

Some boats may require additional work others may require less. We have completed inspections and certification on boats from the following manufacturers:-

  • Aquasport, Baja, Baha, Bayliner, Bluewater, Boston Whaler, Campion, Chaparral, Chris Craft, Correct Craft, Cobalt, Crownline, Doral, Formula, Four Winns, Glasstream, Glastron, Hydrasports, Mako,  Mastercraft, Larson, Mariah, Maxum, Monterey, Nautique, Osprey, Pioneer, Regal, Rinker, Scarab, Sea Ray, Sea Swirl, Seadoo, Seasport, Stingray, Tahoe, Trophy, Tracker, Wellcraft, Yamaha and many many more.

What do you get for your money?

  • CE Certificate of conformity issued by notified body
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Inspection report
  • CE or Builders plate (the CE mark)
  • CIN plate (craft identification number)
  • Supplement for the owners manual
  • Everything to keep you legal

Your boat CE-marking and certification to comply with the recreational craft directive is a legal requirement in the European Union member states and the European Economic Area countries.

The countries are: • Austria • Belgium • Bulgaria • Croatia• Cyprus • Czech Republic • Denmark • Estonia • Finland • France (including French Polynesia, Tahiti, Bora Bora and FWI Martinique, St Martin) • Germany • Greece • Hungary• Iceland • Ireland • Italy • Latvia • Lichtenstein • Lithuania • Luxemburg • Malta • Norway • Poland • Portugal• Romania • Slovakia • Slovenia • Spain • Sweden • The Netherlands • We provide certification service in all these countries as well as USA, Switzerland and UK.

Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial savings for our clients.

We look forward to working with you.


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