Marine Equipment Directive / SOLAS (safety of lives at sea)

American Sports Boats Ltd can now provide certification to the Marine Equipment Directive / SOLAS.

Maritime products for commercial vessels sold in Europe need to comply with the MED SOLAS requirements. We work with ECB Nederland  (notified body number 0614) who provide inspection and certification service worldwide for MED.


ECB is Notified Body for MED (Maritime Equipment Directive, SOLAS based requirements) for a number of product groups such as  life rafts, lifeboats rescue boats and their engines, and fire retardant materials..

Certification is a requirement for the sale of marine (safety) equipment in Europe, but is recognised worldwide, as the MED legislation is based on SOLAS rules. 


The Marine Equipment Directive (MED) covers a wide range of products used on ships that are registered under the flags of EU member states, UK and European Free Trade Associations (EFTA) states, and which relate to Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).

The regulation does not allow manufacturers of such equipment declare their products are compliant without independent certification from a European Union (EU) Notified body. Their products can then display the Wheel Mark. The Wheel Mark must be accompanied by the Notified Body’s identification number. In order to gain this approval all products must undergo testing, type examination and production control.

While the Marine Equipment Directive (2014/90/EU) is primarily aimed at enabling market entry to Europe, certificates issued under this directive are widely accepted throughout the world as the certification requires the product to demonstrate compliance with relevant International Maritime Organization resolutions.

Typically, our clients are manufacturers of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB’s) used as safety boats on larger vessels. If you would like further details on how we can help with your MED, SOLAS requirements please call or mail. Of course, other than sharing details with ECB all enquiries are treated in strictest confidence.

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