We are pleased to be supporting the British Lung Foundation again this year during the Prudential Ride London Surrey 100 in August.

We are raising funds for this very worthwhile charity and are offering a discount for services in return for a donation to The British Lung Foundation for European inspections.

In return for the donation we will discount the cost of certification for inspections in Europe resulting in savings for you

One person in five in the UK is affected by lung disease. Millions more are at risk. BLF are here for every one of them, leading the fight against lung disease.

The British Lung Foundation

·         Support people affected by lung disease, so that no one has to face it alone.

·         Promote greater understanding of lung disease and we campaign for change in the nation’s lung health

·         Fund vital research so that new treatments and cures can help to save lives.

·         Support people affected by lung conditions

·         Reach out to people who are frightened and debilitated by lung disease, from mild asthma to lung cancer.

 BLF have more than 230 Breathe Easy support groups across the UK. These are local groups where you can go to meet other people affected by lung disease and find out more about conditions. The groups also work together to campaign for change.

If you can’t make it to a Breathe Easy group, BLF have a penpals scheme you can join to get in touch with people in a similar situation to you.

BLF nurses provide specialist care at home and in community clinics. This can mean you have the choice to stay at home, where you’re comfortable, during treatment rather than go into hospital, or to be discharged earlier.

When you find out you or someone close to you has a lung condition, the first thing you want is information. BLF have all the facts both online and in print.

The specialist team of nurses and advisers on helpline are dedicated to answering your questions. Call the helpline to find out about more than 40 lung conditions, to ask questions about your rights, or simply to talk to someone who cares. Call 03000 030 555 or you can email. Ringing the helpline never costs more than a local call and is usually free, even from a mobile. Lines are open from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

BLF know that just talking to someone in the same situation as you and asking advice can be a great support. You can do this on easy-to-use online community.

Find out more about the support BLF offer.

 BLF fund vital research so that new treatments and cures can help to save lives

 Excellent research is key to finding new treatments for lung disease – saving and prolonging lives. BLF invest more than £1 million a year in research projects to fight lung disease.

Among many other achievements, BLF research has:

·         Found one of the genes involved in lung cancer

·         Proved that vitamin C is crucial for healthy lungs

·         Led to a 30 per cent reduction in the unnecessary use of antibiotics for treating chest infections

·         Shed light on how lung cancers become resistant to treatment

·         Identified which components of air pollution are the most hazardous to our lungs.

 BLF promote greater understanding of lung disease and we campaign for positive change in the nation’s lung health.

Lung disease is the third biggest killer in the UK. BLF make sure people know what puts them at risk and can take action to protect themselves and their families from lung disease.

BLF also make sure it gets through to decision-makers in Government, so every person with lung disease in the UK gets the treatment and care they deserve. BLF campaign hard for improvements in all areas of lung health.

British Lung Foundation history

Professor Malcolm Green and a group of lung specialists from London’s Royal Brompton Hospital established the British Lung Foundation in 1985. Since then BLF has brought together people from all walks of life who are dedicated to conquering lung disease.